Gift Store

Our gifts will bring a smile to your face. They are unique and individual.  Many happy hours are spent during the winter looking for just the right thing for your spring garden or living room.  Local creative artisans provide us with their own creative gifts for our store.  We guarantee that you will find something exceptional that reflects your personality. 

Picnic Area and Animal Friends

A lovely picnic area is located just outside our store.  You are welcome to use this area for your leisure during business hours.  It is next door to our animal friends’ pasture.  Some of our animal friends are goats, sheep, cows, geese, ducks, chickens, pheasants, peacocks, Miss Piggy and last but not least, our biggest dude, Bart the Llama, who loves to give kisses.  Selfies with our handsome Bart are a must.   Come visit us in the spring when our baby animals join us.  They are so cute.